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Sleep Apnea Therapy – Mankato, MN

Get the Quality of Rest You Deserve

Do you find yourself frequently waking up gasping for air? Have you been experiencing chronic migraines and fatigue that seems unexplainable? These are some of the most common signs of a condition known as sleep apnea. Dr. Hyland has received specialized training in sleep apnea therapy to help relieve patients’ symptoms and improve their overall quality of life and wellbeing. Read below to learn about some of the available options for sleep apnea thearpy in our Mankato, MN dental office.

Frustrated woman next to snoring man in need of sleep apnea therapy

Why Choose Hyland Dental for Sleep Apnea Therapy?

Oral Appliance Therapy

Based on your at-home sleep testing results (or if you’ve been previously diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea), we can recommend an EMA or Opti sleep appliances that are customized just for you. Whenever you wear your appliance as you sleep, it will help expand your airway and improve your oxygen flow.

E M A oral appliance for sleep apnea

EMA Oral Appliance

For many patients, we recommend the EMA oral appliance, which is designed to promote deeper, more peaceful sleep in patients by relieving the chronic symptoms of sleep apnea. There are several different lengths of elastic straps that can advance the jaw incrementally, and it’s easy for patients to change them if needed. This advanced design also allows for free lateral (side to side) movement of the jaw for added comfort.

OptiSleep oral appliance for sleep apnea


OptiSleep is another custom oral appliance that can help reduce snoring and instances of apnea. The slim device is made of a durable, stable material that still allows patients to open and close their mouth naturally, which makes it highly comfortable! The material is milled out professionally, and it is guaranteed to remain crystal clear and not show signs of wear as quick as a traditional appliance. Plus, the entirely digital creation process means that patients won’t have to deal with unpleasant physical impressions.

TMJ Therapy

Head, neck, and jaw pain is typically associated with a common condition known as TMJ dysfunction, or TMD. Visit our dental office for a thorough examination to find out if TMJ therapy will be able to provide you with lasting relief.

Learn More About TMJ/TMD Therapy

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